Tax doesn't have to be taxing!!!

Has it gone away yet?

 Ken Hakuta- Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle.

Debt. It’s a dirty word. Something we don’t like to air in public. Fact is, we all have a debt burden whether we like it or not. Bank loans, credit cards, mortgages, student loans , bills . Even the banks are indebted to someone else.

There’s only one way to tackle debt, face it head on. Cut your cloth accordingly. Let it lie , you only accumulate more debt. Interest payments, Late payment fines, admin costs. They soon tot up.

Thursday nights EGM and the size of our clubs debt will have shocked many members. There will be anger and in many instances accusations, talk about mismanagement, pointing of fingers. Whose to blame? All natural reactions. In reality , we’re all to blame. Football has never been run like any other business. It’s not about spreadsheets. It’s about League tables. It’s not about the balancing of the books , it’s about the balance of the team. Win at all cost, never mind the cost.

The people who run our football club, they’re not hard nosed business men . they’re supporters like you and me. Chasing the same dreams that we do. We all crave success. Attaining it usually comes at a cost.

The most annoying thing about the whole situation , is that, we had an agreed payment plan with the most pressing of our debtors, the Inland Revenue. In reality , it was a good deal too. Yet we reneged on it. I know we chased the dream of a domestic license and Premier league football. These things didn’t come cheap. They were prioritised. As fans , would we have had it any differently?  Could we have accepted life outside of the top flight? All sorts of accusations would have been thrown at them if they had sat on their hands and allowed this to happen. They were caught in a catch 22 situation.

The Taxman is not to be messed with. Just look at the mess Portsmouth FC are in. When he gets his claws into you, you have to be prepared for a fair amount of pain. We are just going to have to accept that a lot of unpopular, but ultimately necessary actions are going to have to be taken to get us out of this mess.

I’ve seen the go forward business plan of the finance committee, in some depth. If they come off , the short term pain can be turned round to long term gain. It’ll be important that we as supporters do our part and continue to support the team on the pitch, and support the efforts of those tasked to sort our ongoing problems off it. It could be a long hard road ahead , see you at the end of it.

Keep the faith


What's the crack?

Ever widening since Ballymena

Linfield 2 v Crusaders 0 (23-02-10)

 Aristotle once wrote ‘ Men acquire a particular quality by acting a particular way… You become just by performing just actions , temperate by performing temperate actions , brave by performing brave actions’ . You Don’t need to be a Greek philosopher to realise why we have suddenly become shit.
I have a problem with Linfield. A serious problem. It verges on the pathological. You can trace it back to growing up in the Monkstown estate. Not being a Blueman was a social faux pas. Like being a kid today and not having the latest games console , or mobile , the 1980’s version of having no friends on Facebook.
 Standing outside Phylis’ newsagents in Abbeytown Square , listening to the exploits of ‘buckets’ ‘minto’ or ‘the elephant man’ as the Blues had hit six against Carrick Rangers . We’d maybe scraped a drab 0-0 draw against Newry Town. Fecking Linfield, even their players nicknames conjured up more excitement than 90 minutes of following Crusaders. Even when we’d built up a side able to challenge for honours , like Tommy Jackson’s Gold cup winners , You knew it wouldn’t last long , as like Viking raiders, the Big two would run amok , pillaging your best players and leaving you their jaded leftovers. Every week, Me, Mills and Barney , having to listen to the same old, same old. Linfield this, Linfield that, We are the people nonsense. The hazy days of Roy Walker and lording it over Linfield , had come too late, we were in our mid twenties, we’d moved on. If only we could turn back time.
I hadn’t been to Windsor for a league game in years, Walker was probably the Manager the last time I was there. Five seasons of playing on a Saturday had taken me away initially, by the time I’d come back to the fold per se, we were in the crux of the McCartney/Dornan years, men against boys, rolling up to Windsor for our annual spanking. No thanks , I’m not into blood sports.
Windsor was now out-of-bounds to me. Even Norn Iron were given a bye ball, block book tickets, your having a laugh mate. I had sat and watched hours of the men in green fail to hit the net, Draw England and the middle class clamber for tickets drove me away. The thought of subsidizing Linfield now, I’ll be in no hurry back.
Of course, I’d attended our last three finals there. The gates are shared , my conscience was clear. For a fella of my considerable girth, them turnstiles at windsor can be real rib bruisers, the last two times I’d been up I’d come through the side gates to gain entry. I decided to do it again for this match. I slipped the fella a tenner and he let me in saying he would give it into the turnstile operator. Here’s hoping he stuck it in his pocket and kept it. I’d rather he had it than Linfield.
The match itself was a non event. Linfield scored from two defensive mistakes and should have had another penalty.
We lost the plot from the kick off. Tactics were wrong, personnel was wrong. We kicked anything in a Blue shirt that moved. Should have tried kicking that white leather thing once or twice. Too many had shockers to name, we all know who they were.
Will they be axed next game, probably not. Discipline has gone out the window, this brawling will come back to haunt us before the end of the season. Let the referee’s handle the opposition. Fists are for celebrating goals.
Not making the top six will set this club back financially, that is now our priority. A top six finish guarantees home games against the Big Two, gate money in the region of 30k. Bottom six, just doesn’t bear thinking about.
Lets get back to basics, cut out the silly mistakes, put on a show for the Mainland and get three points on Monday Night . Time for someone to take a bow, son, take a bow.

The Boyce done well

A challenge for the great unwashed

It’s quite a feather in his cap for The Reids rising star Liam Boyce, having been snapped up by New Era Global Sports Management, the Agency that represent Rio Ferdinand. Could speed up a move to full time football , which means he’ll not be scoring against us.

Changed times in North Belfast, where in the past, anyone taking money from an agent , well let’s put it this way , their future had a bleak outlook.

Of course, Agents try their utmost to get their clients player endorsements, here’s a few that could come young Boyce’s way.

  • Furniture endorsement – has to be Reids 
  • biscuit endorsement – Ginger Nuts
  • Furniture polish endorsement – Mister Sheen , that trophy cabinet at Solitude must be gathering some dust
  • packaging endorsement – Tetrapak , they’ve lost their bottle up at Solitude
  • Tyre endorsement – Kwik Fit , the wheels are off
  • Odour masking endorsement – Febreze, self explanatory
  • Chocolate bar endorsement – Picnic , could use footage of the Irish cup final, Snickers More Nuts, use the Reid Army, Or Flake , the crumbliest , flakiest , just like that old stand

I’m sure whatever path New Era take him on , it will be pathed with gold. After all, they did persuade Sunderland to spend over £six Million on Anton Ferdinand. Money for old rope, anyone.