Ground zero

We’ve all got to start somewhere, I tend to like to start at the beginning.  So Yesterday morning I bounced out of bed, (I tend to bounce whether I want to or not as is the way of the mo…

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About Me

Hi I’m David 46 and from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m married with a wonderful wife Lisa and have 4 children aged from 9-21 2016 was a terrible year for me health wise. I suffered fro…

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Gary Speed RIP

I was in the middle of writing a new blog when I noticed the announcement of the tragic death of Gary Speed coming up on my Twitter Feed.

This was a player that we all couldn’t fail to admire. A leader of men. I’m a couple of months younger than Gary and i can’t comprehend the heartache his family and friends are feeling at this time, along with the whole footballing community.

My condolences to his family at this sad time.

Football comes second to life itself, that new blog can wait until another day.